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Kate grew up in New England, came to Canada for university, and never left. She lives in Nova Scotia with her children and her husband, Canadian musician Bryan Potvin (The Northern Pikes.) Kate began writing children's stories when her kids were little; she made up  What! just to get her son to sit still for a few minutes. She wrote the Princess books for her daughter, and for all girls who like smart, busy Princesses.   

Kate says:

"I love Sue Hellard's vision of the Princesses: they're as pink, purple and fluffy as any little girl could wish, yet they work hard, contribute to their Princessdom, care about others, and have more going on than just fancy hairdos and great shoes. They dress like Marie Antoinette, but they're very modern Royals!

"I have great fun reading What! to groups. Kids learn the repetitions very quickly. They love to shout out, "WHAT?" -- there's always lots of giggling! And the illustrations by Adrian Johnson are priceless.

"I love Stanley and the No Hic Machine: who hasn't had a case of hiccups that won't go away? This was my first book, illustrated by the amazing Bernice Lum as one of her series of Stanley the Dog board books (Bloomsbury Children's Books, UK.)

"Princesses are NOT just Pretty" is now out on the shelves and available through amazon.com!

I am also working on my first juvenile novel, earning an  MFA in Creative Writing  at UBC,  and composing songs with my partner Bryan Potvin.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ Kate


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